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Timber Storage Bench with Drawer

Timber Storage Bench with Drawer

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Width: 1.20m
Depth: 0.40m
Height: 0.50m

Storage doesn't have to look big, bulky, and dull; it can be hidden in plain sight and be fun as well as practical.

Our Timber Storage Bench with Drawer is not only the perfect place for children to sit and rest on the playground or outside a classroom. But it also can be a practical way to store toys and learning resources such as books or building blocks.

The bench encourages tidying toys away but also social communication, especially as it comfortably seats 4 children. The back rest offers safety and reduces the chances of falling back. Our Timber Storage Bench with Drawer promotes group discussions and social interactions. Why not bring books outside and encourage outdoor reading in the fresh air without them being ruined!

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